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Our Current Litters


Dudah's pups were born on March 20th 

They will be ready to go to their new homes on May 15th. 

She had 2 males and 4 females. 

All pups are sold


Dudah's pups 4/18/21

Dudah's pups 4/9/21


Dudah's pups 4/4/21

Dudah's pups 3/26/21


Hazel's pups were born on October 3rd 

They will be ready to go to their new homes on November 28th. 

She had 3 males and 1 female. 

All pups are sold

Hazel's pups 11/22/20






 We accept 2 female deposits and 2 male deposits on litters before the litters are born.  After we have four deposits all others who are interested in the litter will be placed on a waiting list and contacted after the litter is born if there are puppies available. To place a deposit on a puppy mail a $500  deposit check made out to Bruce Foraker at the address below:

Bruce Foraker
126 Captains Ct
Durham, NC 27712

Deposits are nonrefundable but transferable to any Birchhurst litter. For individuals who have placed a deposit before the litter is born we will refund the deposit in full if a puppy is not available.  For instance, if there were no males born, customers with deposits on males have the option to get their deposit refunded or transferred to another litter.  This is the only exception to the non-refundable deposit rule.

Sample Bill of Sale






Litter registration #:                SEX:  M Color: BWT DOB: 

SIRE: CH. Birchhurst Never Say Die                    Registration #: 

DAM:         Registration #: 


Ÿ  This pup to the best knowledge and belief of the seller is in sound health and free from communicable diseases at the time of sale. This pup has been inoculated to the schedule of the health sheet.

Ÿ  Health Guarantee: The purchasers of this pup have 21 days to take him/her to the vet of their choice.  If the vet finds anything wrong with the pup at this visit, Birchhurst Kennels will do one of the following:   

*Take the pup back and provide a replacement pup if/when one is available OR Take the pup back and refund the purchase price

Your new pup is guaranteed to be free from congenital defects that would make it unsuitable as a pet. This guarantee is valid for up to ONE YEAR from the date of his/her birth. If your pup is found to have a life threatening congenital defect you must supply us with your vet’s written report within 7 days of diagnosis.  We reserve the right to have the diagnosis verified by another vet of our choice before exchange. The pup would then be replaced with one of equal value as soon as available. An exchange would be given only upon receipt of the pup ( unharmed or uninjured) and the report from a licensed veterinarian.  The breeder is not responsible for any expenses incurred.  Any shipping expenses for returning or sending the new pup would be at the buyer’s expense.



ŸThe purchaser of this pup agrees that they will never transfer him/her to any wholesale outlets, dog dealers, brokers, humane shelters, laboratories, rescues, pet shops or their agents. If a situation ever arises that the purchasers of this pup cannot keep him/her, Birchhurst Kennels NC has the “right of first refusal” before the pup is transferred to another home.

Ÿ  It is recommended by Birchhurts Kennels that the purchasers have their pup spayed or neutered.

Ÿ  This pup is sold with LIMITED AKC Registrations and therefore not eligible to be bred.



I understand and agree to all parts of this bill of sale._______________________________ (Date)

Birchhurst NC: I certify that all information on this form is correct to the best of my knowledge and that the balance of  $  was received via _______________ and the puppy was transferred directly to the above listed purchasers on (Date) __________________________________________________________________ (AKC papers will be sent once final check clears OUR BANK in approx. 10-14 days).