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Hi Faith and Bruce!

I hope that you guys, Tina, and Bauer are doing well. Finley is so great and she makes us so happy every day. She is doing really well, she has lost all of her baby teeth, will soon be getting her first hair cut, and will be getting spayed sometime near the start of next month. We moved across town in Greenville in June, and Finley's training had regressed a bit, but now I think she really feels at home and really likes our new place. She especially loves the little dog park at our apartment complex, and she tries to run over to it every time that we go outside. She is such a friendly puppy, she has loved every person and animal that she has met. I have attached some recent photographs of her; her nose hasn't fully filled in and I don't think that it will fill in much more, but we like how it is marbled because it just gives her more of her own character. I hope that you enjoy!

Dear Bruce and Lori,

We have been meaning to reach out to you for some time now, and stumbled across your email today and thought it was the perfect time.

We just wanted to say thank you for our little Georgie girl! She has been a joy in our life and, based on all of the comments, a joy to complete strangers as well!
We got her nearly four years ago and it has been a delight ever since! Her temperament is loving, and she is always ready to join the family for any adventure we have planned!

Over the past two years we have been blessed with the arrival of two baby boys and Georgie has taken to them as if they were her own. She is very protective and nurturing and has shown an unbelievable amount of patience and restraint in dealing with the kids. 
She has fit into her new role perfectly and is even enjoying running along side our double stroller through the neighborhood.
We don't know what your secret is, but we think it has to involve some sort of Golden Retriever gene splicing!

Anyway, we think it's important that you know how happy we are with your "product". Georgie has been one of life's treasures for us-thank you!!

We rave at your kennel whenever we get a chance and hope that you've gotten some visitors based on our recommendations.
We will keep spreading the Gospel of Birchhurst!

Thanks again,

Elizabeth and Jesse
"Georgie" August Class of '09
Here's a couple of current pictures of Katie.  She's the daughter of Lady and born on 4/8/11.
She has been an absolute delight (a little bossy sometimes to Sally our other terrier).  I keep her very well groomed so she gets a lot of notice when we are out.   She is definitely a mommy's girl, following me everywhere and waits at the door until I come home when I leave.  She loves to play, jump and go riding in the car.  
Just wanted to keep you informed on how much we love and enjoy our little Katie.



 Hi Bruce:

 It's been a little over a month since I brought Roxy home. Man, so much energy!! She's wearing us all out, but it's great!!!


Housebreaking was a bit of a challenge at first, but within a few weeks - no more accidents, unless it's our fault!

 She already had the pet doors figured out and is a champ running through them.

 It took our other dog a few days to warm up to Roxy, but now they play and run around the back yard together playing tug of war. It's been great for both dogs.

 Sleeping at night is much better and she's developing her own little personality. She's an awesome dog, incredibly smart, VERY hard headed - and we're working on that :-) She's been around kids and that's worked out well.

 We've started some training and she picks up very quick. After her last round of puppy shots next week, we start kindergarten.


Roxy has about 50 toys around the house but her favorite is definitely the toy you sent home with us. Thank you for that. She carries it around and I make sure she has it to sleep with at night.

 It's been a great month and she's definitely re-energized all of us. Hope all is well and Esme is getting some rest!

 Oh, and the best part.....she LOVES water. She's been swimming in our friends small fish pond already and loves playing in the water fixture attached to the pond.

 You guys have a great weekend and thank you so much!!



Hi Bruce and Lori,

I've been wanting to write you and keep putting it off!  We love our Kelly!  She is everything you said she would be.  She has the best disposition.  She is sweet, doesn't bark, loves other dogs and people.  She is just a sweetheart.
Thank you for starting the crate training because I've never done that before and it is really nice.  Her crate is in our kitchen/family room and often she will just go in there and sleep on her own.  At night we put her in there but she usually has already "gone to bed" and all I need to do is close the door.  Her potty training is great too.  We use the "get busy" all the time and it usually takes three times up and down the stairs to the yard before she pees twice and poops, but she does! 
We went camping in the Florida Keys over Christmas and she was great!!  Really loves camping!  Her crate fit right in our closet in our room and she loved it there.  She experienced the ocean, other people and dogs.  No anxiety whatsoever.  I hope her disposition stays this way!

I've attached a few pictures from our trip.  She is one lucky dog to vacation in the Keys!  We take her wherever we go. She even was able to "eat" with us at Hard Rock Cafe in Key West.  They allowed dogs!  We spent the day walking in Key West and she loved it.
Just wanted to say thank you for such a great dog!!
Judy and Dale


Hey Guys,

Salty is doing great.  He is one sweet dog, loves people and other dogs.  He thinks everyone is a friend.  When we go down to Atlantic Beach we put him in a "doggie day care" and his nickname is Salty, the play machine.  He also continues to amaze me how intelligent he is.  He is a quick learner.  Wires are definitely high energy dogs though (lol), I wish I had some of his get up and go.  Anyway, Merry Christmas to y'all.


Thom and Melonie




Hello Lori,

Cealy has been a busy girl.  Denis forgot to tell you that she completed her puppy school, kindergarten, middle school and high school obedience training classes and received her American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Certificate which lays the foundation for other AKC activities such as Obedience, Rally, Agility, Tracking & Performance events.  She really is smart.  She is the youngest dog in the agility classes.  Most of have been in the class for 5 or more years and can do the courses mostly off-leash which is what we are working on with Cealy.  She loves the class and the other dogs at Canine Academy.


Cealy is really fast in her agility classes and we have added some other pictures for you.  The pics are hard to get because she is so fast.  She is such a sweetheart and adds so much joy to our life. 



Bruce, Lori and family,

We just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year.  We hope your Christmas was great too…can’t believe it has passed by already.  Molly is doing wonderful!  We can’t say enough how much we enjoy and love her.  She has the sweetest personality and is so smart; in fact she starts puppy kindergarten this Saturday.  She is constantly making us laugh with her antics and seems to be three steps ahead of us in her thinking.  Her potty training is going very well…she has mastered the bells, and knows they get her outside even when she knows she doesn’t have to go.  She sits, plays fetch and then cuddles and gives us all the love we can handle.  Hoping to learn come and stay in kindergarten. 

 Hope all is well with your family.  See from your website that you will have your hands full with a new litter in the next day or two, congrats to Rocky and Suki!  We can’t thank you enough for our bundle of love, she is everything we hoped for and so much more!

 You all take care and may 2012 bring you and yours much happiness,

Michael and Diana


Bruce/Lori, attached is Katie's picture when we first got her and the second one was her one year old birthday picture on 3/8.
Katie has been a real joy.  She and Sallee get along great and have a lot of fun playing.  Katie has a bestfriend in our neighborhood, a golden doodle named Sofie.  The two girls are about 3 weeks apart in age.  Sofie and Katie love playing together and Katie thinks she's as big as Sofie.
Katie always draws attention wherever we go as she has such a beautiful coat and is so cute.  I've been learning how to strip her coat and do all the grooming myself.  She hates her nails trimed but enjoys having her teeth cleaned with an electric toothbrush.
The best to you family.
Bob and Diane




Sorry for the delay in getting back to you...Lexie is doing great, she is spunky, smart, cute as all get out, almost fearless (if something actually startles her she might run away for a brief moment but immediately turns around to go investigate what it was)and yes she is quite a handful. She loves our cats and they seem to love her though they would never admit it. She loves to fetch and seems to be quite a natural at it. From the first week she would chase the ball and bring it right back to you and drop it in front of you. She loves to eat the back yard there are numerous new little holes in our yard. (not a good thing but we are working on it). She gets her last shots on the 13th and then we can start taking her to more places. She LOVES going for car rides, we take her to a couple of our friend houses and my parents to play with their dogs. She loves other dogs and has no fear. She seems to have an ability to make other dogs like her as well. She LOVES new people, when we walk her if there is a person that she can see she will stop sit and stare. After a few moments she will go crazy if we don't take her over to meet the person. When somebody comes over the house she goes crazy; wiggling, tail whipping like a spaz, spinning. So cute. Housebreaking is a challenge... we are modifying our approach...she has decide that the backyard is for play and does not immediately go poddy when she goes out. We have a plan in place to change this and are will implement it this weekend. I tried to send you pictures but they were too big so i created a flickr account and sent you an invite to see them.

Janss, Boise, ID

Bruce and Lori,

> We just wanted to let you know that we are all completely in love with 
> Edgar! He is such a loving dog and he has a wonderful personality. He 
> is playful and sweet but also very well-mannered and intelligent. Edgar 
> is a perfect addition to our family. He loves to play when it's time to 
> play and he loves to relax when it's time to relax. Our four-year-old 
> son tells everyone that will listen about his 'wonderful puppy-dog named
> Edgar'. We are all so happy that Edgar is part of our household. He is 
> truly a joy. Thank you for such a sweet and special puppy.

> I have attempted to attach photos of Edgar. Please let me know if they 
> don't come through with the email and I'll be happy to send them another 
> way. Thank you again for our very special puppy.

> Mark and Terri, Wake Forest, NC


Dear Bruce and Lori:

 Bosco has made a wonderful addition to our home.  We couldn’t have gotten a better puppy.  He trained well and has become accustomed to the run of the house.

 Thank you so much for  breeding such a wonderful pup.

 Bill and Linda

Hi Lori & Bruce,

Zoey got her first puppy cut yesterday.  She needed to have her face and paws trimmed.  She looks like  a princess in the pictures but she is all terrier.  She notices the tiniest bugs that move on the ground.  I think we’ll have to tell them to lose the bow next time.

She is really a sweetheart.  She plays hard but she loves to come back and climb into your lap.  She is also extremely smart.  She has learned to sit, touch, drop it, leave it (she needed to learn leave it because she picks up EVERYTHING in her mouth), and we’re working on down.   She’s a lot of fun.  It will be neat to take her to the lake and some of our parks when she gets her adult shots the week after next. 

She’s even growing on Sharky.  He lets her give him puppy kisses now and has started making his attempt at play with her.  This morning he picked up her tennis ball and started flipping it around with her.  He also likes to take her stuffy toys, set them down in front of him and taunt her.  They’re funny to watch.

 Our vet even commented about what a sweet disposition Zoey has.  Thanks for your diligence in breeding terriers with such nice temperaments.

Enjoy your summer,

Donna & Jim

Hi Lori -
I just wanted to tell you and Bruce how much we are enjoying Sam!!  What a huge blessing in our lives. Two weekends ago we participated in a Bark for Life event (to raise money for cancer) and a friend encouraged me to enter Sam in the "Cutest Dog" contest. Well, I did and HE WON . . .  1st place (out of 12 dogs). Not only did he receive a ribbon, but also $100 worth of goodies. :)
The potty training is going well. This past week it's as if something 'clicked.' He will either pull his harness off the top of his crate and look at me, or he'll tug at my pant leg to let me know he needs to go out. No accidents in the house for about 10 days now. We tried the bells, but he was ringing them all the time and then we found our cat was also ringing them. :) 
I almost feel bad that he's not with a family with children, because he loves, loves, loves seeing the kids in our neighborhood. On our a.m. walks, we pass three bus stops and he get SO EXCITED. He'll stop dead in his tracks and then his body starts shaking and then he wants to run to them. I generally just pick him up and the kids are happy to pet him. 
Just wanted to share! 
Take care and have a Happy Easter.
Charlene, Clayton, NC

Bruce & Lori,

Fiona has just had her first birthday and I wanted to use the occasion 
to tell you how much joy she has brought to this Rhode Island 
household. Fiona is a tender tot with the fabulous mixture of 
sweetness and spunk. She and Finnegan have become the best of pals. 
Finn is 10 now but she's got him playing like a young pup again.
Attached is a photo of Fiona in her St Patty's attire. Best Regards 
and thanks for such a special gal.

Barbara, Rhode Island

Hello Bruce and Lori,
Hope everything is going well with you and your family. PJ is doing so well and is so gentle and loving (when he's not in play mode).  

 So a little more about Peej,  He just finished his last round of shots this week, and is ready to socialize with other dogs.  Yesterday I took the long drive to NY with him and he was unbelievably so well behaved.  He really has come to like car rides believe it or not.  I've been taking him on walks as often as I can, and everytime someone sees him they always say how adorable he is.  I gave your kennel name to about 3 people so far.  I attached a picture of him from the snow storm. I just looked on your site and the little girl from PJ's litter looks just like him! 

I hope you all have a great weekend!,

Jennifer and PJ, Chapel Hill, NC

Hi Bruce and Lori

                    Thought we would update you with a few pictures of Cealy. She has graduated from pre-school and graduates from kindergarten and pet therapy next week. Then it’s on to middle school in April. She’s had her first grooming. We actually found someone who does handstripping. If you come to Ocean Isle this year be sure to stop by and see her.  She has brought such love and laughter to our lives.  She is a treasure.

Dennis and Sharon, Ocean Isle, NC

Hello Lori,
  I hope that you and your family are doing well. I wanted to give you an update on Luca (we changed it from Lucy) She is a wonderful addition to our family and I cannot imagine our house without her! I am going to try to send some pictures of Luca and Mo together. (Mo is our Border Terrier-they are the best of buddies!) Thank you so much and I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!!

                                             Cindy, Mt. Pleasant, NC

PS We got Luca from you in May!! Hopefully you can open the pics above!


Merry Christmas to you and your family,

We thought you would enjoy seeing Tatum and Nikki—both of them qualified and won blue ribbons in agility matches this fall.  Everyone just loves them and can’t believe how well they do since they are “TERRIERS”.


Tatum in the one jumping and as you can see she loves it; Nikki is the teacher’s pet since you can see her attentiveness in her eyes.


Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to love these 2.


Sharon  and Linda, SC

Hi Lori!! I hope you and your family are doing well and the kids had a great Halloween!! I wanted to send you some cute pictures of Roxie. We are the ones that took Roxie and then came back and got the heart murmur pup Foxie for Ken’s mother. ( I am sure you have a hard time remembering all of your customers;)Anytime we get the sisters together they just LOVE, LOVE each other and ignore the rest of us basically and play the entire weekend. Roxie, just like Bruce said, became the top dog in our house around the mark of her 1 year birthday. She keeps our older 2 dogs in line….she will get on them if they bark too much! We love Roxie so much and are enjoying her to pieces. I am sending you some pictures of her. Her new thing is to pull Grant on our 2 mile walks on his scooter. It helps him out and we are able to get a good walk in without Grant getting tired;) And it sure helps to dispense Roxie’s energy too…..gosh that is a strong dog! She is his sleigh dog we tell him! The other picture I posted was this morning. Grant was quite and you know a quite child is usually doing something they shouldn’t be and Roxie was his partner in crimeJ He poured out a bottle of lotion on the floor and I believe Roxie got a little lathering herself. Anyway, I could go on and on with her stories, but she is such an enjoyment to us! Thank you guys again Lori! Hope you and your family have Happy Holidays!

Amber and Grant, Charlotte, NC

Dear Lori,


I'm so sorry I haven't written before now!  Gracie is now going on 7 mo. old.  She is a LOVE!  What a sweet dog!  You know, after Tessie, it was hard to imagine that another one could be equally as special, but she is.  It's interesting to see the many ways they are different.... Tessie loved squirrels and her life's quest was to catch one, but Gracie doesn't care a thing about squirrels!  There are lost of differences.  Another one is that Gracie is a lap dog and loves to snuggle and be held.  Tessie wouldn't tolerate such foolishness unless she was too exhausted to fight it


Elizabeth, VA


Dear Lori and Bruce,

      Molly is WONDERFUL!!!!!!   She is just the sweetest puppy ever!  Our life has been turned upside down and we are loving every minute of her! Everyone who meets her falls for her spunky personality and good looks. She is one happy little gal and wants everyone to stop and fuss over her.  She lacks for nothing here in Delaware!  

Please tell your children that "Licky" misses them.  Whenever she hears small voices her ears perk up and she listens and wags her tail for the kids.  If they don't come see her (imagine that) she will cry.  I would say that the one thing she misses is your children.  My guys are all older and while they love her, it's not the same as your little people.

When I took her to the vet's office the tech at the vet's told me that "she is really cute."  I said you probably say that about every puppy.  She said yes, but "Molly is REALLY cute!"

She is growing every day and we can't believe how much she has grown in just three weeks.   We are still working on the potty training.  I think that we are trained not Molly!  She responds to her name some of the time.  She has been biting like crazy this past week.  We are trying different types of chews to keep her mouth busy.  She sleeps through the night without any problems sleeping or pottying.  We are walking everyday and she does better some days than others with the leash.  Our obedience classes begin in November.  I have noticed that she wants to chase people when they are running or walking by the house; therefore, she is confined to a tether when she is in front of the house. I'm afraid that she'll run away.  She doesn't seem to listen that well.  I am trying to reward good deeds but I am afraid that she is filling up on reward treats and not real food!  She loves to play with other dogs and I would love to find another puppy for her to play with.  I'm sure we'll meet more puppies in obedience class.
She is a lovable, sociable puppy and we are more in love with her each day.  She is everything we hoped for and more.  We can't thank you enough for this sweet puppy.  Anne S has been terrific help too.  

Please keep in touch.

Lisa, Delaware

Spring 2008

Oscar is doing GREAT! He is so sweet and smart. Everyone (no matter where we go) falls in love with him.He is sleeping in his crate and has adjusted quite well. However, he is quite an escape artist, as he can get through our baby gates, but once he grows a little more it should no longer be a problem. He's a joy and we all adore him! 

Hope you're having a great holiday.!


Raleigh, NC

Agnes is a little over 4 mos. now – she comes every time we call her, fetches toys and drops them for us to throw again, loves, loves, loves our big blue tick hound – i often take her with me in the car and she brings joy to everyone – last Saturday was the 1st of 6 puppy training classes – the teacher is Kathy Dunn, who illustrated a book, i think it is called Bowser and Baby, that a well-known trainer in new jersey wrote for those bringing a baby home to a dog – all is great here – we need to send photos your way! Sometimes brad and i talk about getting another pup from you when Agnes is around 6 or 7 yrs. – but we are spoiled with the hope and rocky combination – maybe a similar pair will come along –

Keep in touch,

Kathy, Germantown, TN

Hi guys! Quincy is fantastic! We are currently in New England for 
Thanksgiving....he's already seen his first snow!!! I'll send you pics. 
He has not had ONE accident in the house, he's been shopping, spent 
time in coffee houses, restaurants, listened to violin and guitar, met 
a million other dogs and people....he loves everyone and everyone loves 
him! HE is GREAT! He is also definitely a terrier!!! Thanks so much for 
breeding such a wonderful animal!

Shayne from Virginia


Dear Lori and Bruce,

Liffey is the most wonderful dog in the world!!!!! No doubt, the best you have ever bred!!!!! Bet you hear that a lot. Really, she is so sweet and loving and really tries to be a good girl! She and the cat are becoming friends and playmates, although the cat is still a little too rough, but only when really provoked by you know who.

I absolutely HATE to leave her tomorrow. She had such fun Sunday at our early Turkey Day celebration. Twenty-five people, so lots of attention. At one point, she crawled into her crate and crashed with noise all around her. She goes to see Grandma at the home about every day and understands that her job is to bestow puppy kisses freely. She is exhausted when she gets home. She is there now with John.....who ADORES her and the feeling is mutual. I get jealous sometimes because she gets so excited when he comes home!!!!

The four of us sleep together at night, and the other night, I saw Liffey snuggled up to Weed. Usually, it's me, then Weed next to me, then Liffey curled up on John. Good thing we have a king size bed.

I'm having the pet sitter....a dog trainer in training.....take pictures of her every day so I can see her grow. I just hope she doesn't forget me. If we have time today, John and I are going to video ourselves talking to Liffey and leave it on the computer for the sitter to play for her. YES....we are in love with our doggie!!!! Thanks for her. Rebecca

PS....she had her shots on Tuesday and her physical the Thursday before....all looks great and she was so good at the Vet's. They think she is the cutest puppy ever!!!!

Rebecca, Asheville, NC

Fall 2007


I just wanted to send you a picture of our Fox Terrier, Poppy. Her
birthday was 10-30-04. 

Poppy has been an absolute joy! She is calm, very rarely barks and has
the sweetest disposition, just as your website advertised. I have never
had a terrier with her personality. Very very sweet and a complete joy
to have as part of our family. We take her often to Colonial
Williamsburg for walks and last Saturday, we ran into another Fox
Terrier, amazingly enough, after comparing birthdates and such, he
turned out to be her litter mate and looked just like her! 

Thanks again for breeding such a wonderful puppy!! She is only a
"little" spoiled! :) I thought you would like to hear how one of your
"kids" is doing!

Take care,
Marian from Virginia


Spring 2007

Hi Lori -

It was great meeting you, too. Your children are adorable. Greg says that on one of our motorhome trips he would like to come to NC and stop by so y'all can see Molly Jo when she's grown.

Our flight was delayed by two hours but Molly Jo did so well. I couldn't believe it. Once the engines of the plane started up she went to sleep and never made a sound all the way to Houston. She is such a sweetie. After about 20 minutes last night our big dog, Zeus, and Molly Jo decided they liked one another. He wants her puppy food and she wants his senior food - so they are sharing. We put her in her crate last night at bedtime and took Zeus to bed with us (as always). She whined a few times and went right to sleep. Didn't wake up until 6:30 this morning - she started whining and Zeus got on Greg's chest to let him know it was time to take Molly Jo out of her crate.

She's already given us so many laughs. Thanks for everything you did for us with the crating, etc. That was a huge help. And thanks for being such a conscientious breeder. There are too many people out there who aren't these days. But being the great breeders that you are is what has given your kennels such a top name. If anyone asks where she came from and show interest in obtaining one of the sweeties, we will give them your info.

Thanks a bunch for everything. Hope you have a wonderful vacation. Give your children a hug from us and Molly Jo.

Colleen and Greg

Cypress, TX

Spring 2007

One of the best decisions we've ever made was getting a second Birchurst wire hair fox terrier. Roberto and Poppy absolutely love each other. They are always playing, chasing one another and terrorizing their toys with games of tug-of-war.

Everywhere we go, people want to see Poppy and ask what kind of dog she is. Several people have commented that she looks like a stuffed animal and that she is the cutest puppy they've ever seen. Neighbors frequently stop by to visit and see how she's doing (but of course Roberto thinks they're coming to see him). It is wonderful to have a puppy again!

Karen and Carl

Glen Allen, VA

Happy Valentine's day 2007!

Thanks for the update. Asta looks great on your site. She's growing like a weed, and getting cuter and sweeter by the minute. Her face is almost white, and she still has the puppy fuzz sticking up on her forehead. The hair on her back is getting wirey....what a doll. She joined our local dog run, and played with everyone...she wants to say hello to every dog and person in the Village...a very friendly and enthusiastic puppy. Her tooth fairy fund is also growing...I don't know what she plans to do with all that dough, she's secretive about it.

For the last six weeks she came with me to the art gallery where I worked. It's a good half hour walk...and then stayed quietly in her box all day (except a few quick walks in between).
We love her very much, and thank you for breeding such a gem.

Our best wishes to all of you,

Ami and George, and of course ASTA
Greenwich Village New York

February 2007

Dear Lori and Bruce,

Here's some more pictures of our little boy. (He's not so little any more!) He is in puppy starter class right now and is learning so much. He's so smart! The trainer wants us to consider agility class and using him as a therapy dog as well. He has no fear of any kind of agility work and is so sweet natured.

Hope all is well with you guys. Best to you both,

Anne and Martin - Burlington, NC

Fall 2006

Lori, I just wanted to touch bases with you and let you know what an awesome dog Emily is! She gives us such joy every day. She is smart, funny and quite a handful, but her personality is the best! She is loving and happy and you should see her come running full blast at us, so full of joy to see us, and she literally leaps up into our arms for hugs and kisses. Potty training was a breeze, and we are taking her to Puppy Kindergarten the last week of October for the basics in training. Thank you so much for this special little wire fox girl.

Trish and Kevin Cooper

Summer 2006


I just wanted to let you know that I am thrilled with my puppy. She is smart and has a great disposition. She is all but completely house broken.

She comes to my office daily, and is loved by staff and patients alike.

As you may remember, I live part time in New York City, and the people who I know at the dog run all comment how she is the best behaved wire fox terrier they have ever met.

Carlin Mc Laughlin

July 2006

Hi Bruce and Lori,

Just want to let you know that Django is doing very well. He sleeps through the night. We discovered that he hated to sleep in his crate, so we let him sleep on the floor in our bedroom. He likes to move around during the night, so for him perhaps a crate was too confining. Anyhow as soon as we let him stay out of his crate he was fine. He finishes puppy kindergarten on Wednesday. He is lively and fun and quick to learn. We think he is pretty much housebroken now. No accidents in three weeks.

As you've heard about your other puppies, people stop their cars and get out to tell us how cute Django is. He is friendly to everyone and to other dogs.

Hope all is well with you both and that you are not baking in this heat.

Diana Jensen

Spring 2006

Hi guys! I have wanted to send some pictures for a while now and finally here they are. Lucas is the best dog in the world! We couldn't ask for a better dog. We treat him like a person. He even sleeps with us, which I said I would never do. He is well trained too. I am pregnant now and I hope he doesn't get jealous of the baby. He is really good with my boyfriend's kids. They love him. Hope everything is well with you , Clarissa

December 2005


Just to let you know that Bentley is continuing to grow like a weed & steadily gain weight.

Our vet says he’s in wonderful health & tomorrow gets his last inoculation. He’s always ready to meet & greet & is the darling of everyone he meets. We love everything about him.

Hope you & your family are well & have a blessed, healthy & Merry Christmas.

Gerry & Marion Chase

Fall 2005

Hi Lori, 

As I think I mentioned to you, Riley comes to work with me every day at the Ronald McDonald House...luckily I have the flexibility to take him for puppy breaks outside and we take a long run at lunchtime. Just wanted to pass along a picture of our puppy Riley and Ms. Emily Wade. The picture is from Emily's website ( so Riley is already on the internet! Emily's own dog is at home in Wilmington so being able to see Riley, who is very enthusiastic about Emily(!), really brightens a day ruled by nasty tasting chemo and "unfun" radiation. He is growing by leaps and bounds and is such a loving (and lovable) pup! Thank you for giving us Riley! 

Shelley Day

Hi Lori, Just had a minute to sit down and write you to tell you how wonderful "Quincy" is...he fit in right away and is so playful, we just love him...He went outside several times and was successful almost all of the time, the treat biscuits are a hit too!!! I'm saving a really extra good treat for when he makes #2 outside, along with a little fire-works display...then I'll really feel I've been successful...Just wanted to thank you for such a beautiful and well taken care of puppy, this is top shelf here and it shows...I promise to take the best care of him and to love "your" pup. I also promise to send off some pictures of the family with him...Once again, thank you, your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated. You and your family should be proud. All the best, Michell Romano, "Quincy's" new mama.

"Turbo" is a sweet boy, full of pep and personality. I have two really nice beds for him to sleep in, but he insists on sleeping on the hard wood floor in the living room, so that is ok with us. He went for a little walk today and played in our side yard a little bit so he is pooped out in these pictures. He is eating well, and he drinks plenty of water. He was not at all phased by his plane ride, he seemed very happy when we first got to take him out of his crate and hold him. He gives lots of kisses, and is very cute. He seems smart and is already only peeing on the newspapers if we miss his signals and can't take him out. He is adorable, we love him already!!!!

Thanks, Elisha

P.S. will be sending more updates as we get the chance!


I thought I would send an update to show you how Elvis is growing up. I also wanted to tell you he has the best personality. He is friends with everybody, loves everyone. He even gets along well with other dogs, unusual in my experience with WFT. He completed puppy kindergarten and is currently enrolled in obedience training, where he is a strong second in his class. The instructor believes he is a great candidate for Companion Dog certification training.

Steve Passen

August 2005

Just thought I would share a picture of Henry. We bought him from you, wow, three years ago. In this picture he is playing with 'his' kids.


He is a great dog...and has been an incredible addition to our family. On a recent trip to the vet for his yearly boosters the vet watched him with the 2 1/2 year old twins. She remarked that he was the best tempered dog of that breed she had ever seen! He definitely puts up with a lot from his kids and is always ready to play!

Another thing is that Henry has saved our kids lives twice this summer (and once last year). He has kept himself between our children and a water moccasin that entered our yard. He did not even want to let me near it to kill it. In another instance this summer he kept the kids at bay while he attacked and killed a black racer snake. Last summer it was a repeat...keeping himself between the kids and a snake. He is simply the BEST!

He is the only dog we have ever owned that when we walk him, actually brings people to the edge of the road to inquire what breed this beautiful dog is..When he is freshly groomed, he is amazing.

I guess I just want to say 'thank you' for such a great addition to our family.

~Wendy Floyd

I'm not sure if you remember us, but we got our puppy, Finnegan, from you several months ago. He is just 9 months old now. He is an absolute delight, we love him (pictures attached - posing for his admirers in central park . . .). I am writing because Dave and I went on vacation last week and left Finn with my parents. They had been thinking about getting a puppy for some time, but I think they fell in love with Finnegan while we were gone and have called every day since our return telling us how much they miss him - he is quite the charmer. Thanks again for giving us Finnegan - he has been such a great addition to our lives! 

Sara and David Temes

Hi Bruce & Lori -- Just wanted to let you know that the puppy made it home safely and all is well. She's eating fine and playing with her new toys and not showing any signs of homesickness or anxiety. She's doing the normal puppy routine of playing like crazy for an hour or so and then falling fast asleep. She particularly likes her booda bone and her little tennis ball -- also any spare shoes left lying around, so I guess that will cure me of that habit! 

I just want to tell you again how happy we are with Phoebe and how welcome she is in our home. If she's anything like her parents I know she'll be a wonderful addition. 

Thanks again, 
Maggie Tucker

Hi Lori, Just wanted to drop you a quick note about Duffy ... he is doing so well ... such a happy little guy! He got a clean bill of health from the new vet, and had his shots updated. We have given him the flea and heartworm medication, sent for the AKC registration and everything else is just fine. He goes for lots of walks on the leash and loves the doggy park where he can run after the big guys. We just love him and he seems very happy in his new place ... people stop their cars to tell us how cute he is ... he just wags his tail all day long and seems very proud to be the center of attention!thanks so much! Sharon

Dear Lori and Bruce and Family,

Our family would just like to send you some thanks and good cheer at this special time of the year. We cannot tell you how much we love Kyi, the adorable puppy you brought to Richmond for us. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is so good natured and calm. We love his easy-going but assertive personality. We take him everywhere with us because we can! He is so friendly and well-behaved and fun. We have no idea how we were ever without him. He is 9 months old now.

We lost my dad this year. I wish you could have seen Kyi tenderly caring for my Dad and I during my father’s long illness and passing. Honestly, Kyi seemed to carefully “count” people (by periodically moving about the room and just touching his nose to each person present) every time a new visitor or medical person came or went. He slept under my dad’s bed resting his head on the nurse’s foot for days.

He makes us laugh all the time. He loved romping and leaping on the beaches and boulders of Maine (he thought he was a goat, I swear). He is a seaworthy (okay, river worthy– the Potomac) little fellow — he loves to sail. He walked in the Scottish Christmas Walk, Old Town’s well known parade. We’ll take him skiing this winter, although I think he will stay by the fire and snooze and wait for long walks while we ski.

He joyfully plays with an wonderful Irish terrier and poodle all the time. He loves all creatures, human and furry, but – no kidding, really lights up at the sight of another Wire Fox.

When we walk in Old Town or anyplace we are constantly stopped by people on foot and who are driving who just flip over our “adorable little dog.” Many want to know how to find a wire and we have told so many people about Birchurst Kennels.

Merry Christmas! Many thanks and the best to you in the new year. Hope this finds you all well. 

Chris, Michael, Logan, Regan and April

We are happy to write a letter of reference for Birchhurst Kennel and Bruce and Lori Foraker.

When we began the search for a puppy, we already knew that we wanted a wire fox, as we love the breed. However, the most important thing for us was to find a breeder whose # 1 priority was temperament. That search led us from our home in Maine to Birchhurst and Bruce and Lori in North Carolina. Birchhurst’s web site speaks of their history of 40 years of breeding only wire fox terriers and having temperament as it’s highest priority. We were very intrigued by this, and after talking extensively with Lori and checking several of their references, we decided that they were the breeders for us. We couldn’t be happier!

In late August Frank visited Birchhurst, spent time observing the litters parents “Paddy and Rosie”, and went home with our beautiful 8-week-old puppy, Alice. She has been everything we hoped for and more. Lori told me her puppies were sweet, but Alice is just the sweetest, most fun and adorable puppy you can imagine. Her temperament is just so great. Alice is very affectionate, loves children, both big and small, and doesn’t jump up on them and try to bowl them over. She can be handled in any manner, rubbing her paws, moving her while she is sleeping, sliding her across the floor while she is sleeping, all without a flinch. She gets along great with one of our 4 cats (the other 3 want nothing to do with her). We just couldn’t be happier with her.


Frank and Jan Wertheim

- Shannon and I bought our wire fox ("Barkley") in May and cannot say enough about what a wonderful experience we've had with him. He is a very lively pup and has become such an important member of our family - he has a wonderful disposition and has quickly become known in our new neighborhood for his friendliness. We have had more people stop and ask us about him not only for his personality but because of his beautiful coloring as well. We had a great experience with Bruce and Lori and would highly recommend them for anyone interested in buying a wire fox.

Kim Miller

Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful puppy Max has been. He is cute 
beyond words. He has the best temperment. He plays very well with the boys 
and yet is calm when not playing. He has offered hours of laughter. He 
loves the sprinkler and the boys have rolled in laughter watching and playing 
with him. Thank you again for getting us such a great puppy. He will be the 
center of our attention for years to come. 

-Cindy Calhoun

Bruce and Lori:

Just wanted to thank you for Murphy. She is the sweetest puppy. She is so calm and cuddly. She has puppy energy, but when she runs out of it, she wants to crawl in someones lap. Her favorite spot in the house is the couch. When she starts getting tired, she jumps on the couch, curls up in a little ball, and crashes. She has the sweetest personality. You guys called it perfectly. She loves running around the yard chasing after toys and running behind my brother's Border Collie when we play "frisbee" in the back yard. She's only had few accidents in the house, hasn't chewed on anything she's not suppose to, and has such a wonderful personality. I took her to the vet for her first checkup last weekend and everyone was amazed that she was so calm for a terrier. They couldn't believe it. The vet said she was very well bred and in perfect health. She has been a joy since day one and has fit very well into our family. I bought the puppy book you guys recommended and it's helping me quite a bit. She is so sweet I think it's easier for her to train me then the other way around. She's very spoiled but very well behaved. Thank you both so much. I was blessed with little Murphy and am so glad I had last pick!!!!

Monica Mills

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